Changing Of The Guard at St. Anthony’s

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On Friday morning, AlamoCityHoops broke the news regarding a major change for the St. Anthony’s basketball program. Multiple sources confirmed that Kevin Smisek, is not returning to the sidelines this fall for the Yellow Jackets.

Initially, it spread as a huge shock to many that Coach Smisek, after going 32-6, and the 5A TAPPS State Runner-Up, would not be retained. He met early this morning with his team to break the news, which did not go over well with many of his players. The University of Incarnate Word, which is the parent school of St. Anthony’s, did confirm to AlamoCityHoops, in a release that we snapshot and posted on twitter (@AlamoCityHoops1), that Smisek is staying on as the Athletic Director.

As the story developed early this morning, details were pouring out by the hour. Although the posting for the position was just published not more than 48 hours ago, multiple sources have confirmed to AlamoCityHoops that Jeff Merritt, formerly an assistant coach at La Lumiere Prep (IN), will be the new head man. For those not familiar with La Lumiere, the prep school is a national power program, who finished runner up in the Dick’s Sporting Goods High School National Tournament, falling to Oakhill Academy (VA) in the championship, 62-60. Prized recruit James Banks, a 6’10” PF, signed his letter of intent and will be suiting up for Shaka Smart and the Texas Longhorns this fall.

With a new head coach in place and ties to a national power, more details surfaced that Coach Merrit would not be the only new attraction at St. Anthony’s. Sources also confirmed to AlamoCityHoops, that up to three top national prospects, barring any delay or change of course, are set to enroll at St. Anthony’s for next season joining 6’10” freshman phenom (sophomore to be), Charles Bassey.

They are:

Ousmane Ndim 7’0″ (2018)
Franklin Agunanne 6’9″ (2018)
Sam Chaput 6’0″ (2019)

Reaction to the news spread like wildfire on our twitter handle, with just under 21,000 impressions in only 10 hours. There has been anger, disappointment, schock, anxiety, and excitement from all areas. Even at the high school coaching level, our staff has been informed that certain city schools will withdraw from playing St. Anthony’s, and are considering not scheduling them for the next three years in non-district play.

Among all the change, one thing is certain. This type of basketball talent has never been seen in the Greater San Antonio area, and is uncharted territory. To put it all in perspective, St. Anthony’s will have a front line bigger than most NBA teams, standing 6’9″, 6’10” and 7’0″. Not to forget more returning talent in  All-State juniors (seniors to be) Isiah Saenz and Ricardo Valadez.

The Yellow Jackets have gone from being the talk of the town, with the sports world finding out more and more about Charles Bassey, to the talk of the high school hoops nation.


On the AAU circuit, all three new players have either played for or have ties to Nike Team Texas, or Adidas’ YesIISuccess. Bassey also plays for both.

AlamoCityHoops also confirmed that for the past two months, both Ndim and Agunanne have worked out on more than a few occasions at St. Anthony’s.



7 thoughts on “Changing Of The Guard at St. Anthony’s

  1. This is a disgrace for Catholic education. You are bringing kids just to be a power house and probably getting a free education where others are working hard to send their kids to get a better education. Very disappointed


    • How is this a disgrace to catholic education? How does accepting three additional boys affect the education of anyone else at the school? Do you know something about these kids that would make them unable or unfit to attend a private high school which has a boarding program with a long history? Did you take part in some covert recruitment meeting behind close doors? 90%+ kids at St. Anthony receive some sort of financial aid for merit or need and I would be careful throwing around accusations that they are getting a sports scholarship without proof.


  2. If you are a public school, please do not play Saint Anthony. Schools are about communities, not athletic recruiting magnets. Now that these three kids have arrived what is going to happen to the other kids that were on the team working hard to get a chance to play on the varsity? You guessed it they’ll be sitting on the bench have a good day.


    • Sounds like your kid really won’t get a chance to play now. Luckily that is why they have Junior Varsity.


  3. From what I understand, St. Anthony’s is a top academic college preparatory school. It is an honor and a blessing for any child to have opportunity to attend such an institution. I have a cousin that attended a similar school on academic scholarship, who is now a doctor. I guess he should not have been allowed to attend or given a scholarship because he was too smart, and that wasn’t fair to the others not as smart.
    Give me a break, go play at the YMCA, don’t keep score, and please give everyone a trophy! We need to give everyone the chance to play, regardless of talent, get rid of competition. In fact, I think they should break up Harvard or maybe Google, too many smart people there and that is not fair. Next thing you know we will be giving away free health care to those that do not work and making the workers pay for it. oops


  4. My son graduated from STA and started for Mr. Smisek. As a former professional athlete you always strive to improve you program. Mr.Smisek told me he was going to make this a ” A basketball school “. I think it’s a step in the right direction. Other private schools, in our district and in the past, have recruited young talent to specifically play a certain sport for there institutions. Education is essential to be successful in life and with the ” NO PASS/NO PLAY” these kids need to study more and work harder to compete in a sports program. Like I said, it’s a BIG PLUS for this program and in turn these kids will receive a top notch education.GOOD LUCK..


    • Coach Smisek has been the athletic director this past year as well. I do not know how he did it. He always has a positive attitude, worked hard. I am sure he is happy this happened. Too much for one person, having to drive the bus as well, (This needs to stop) and I am sure some of the other programs needed his attention. The school is doing well in athletics and that is Kudos to the department.
      My son played for Coach Smisek and has now gone on to the next phase of his life. We all do that.

      This is a big plus for the school, maybe we will get a new gym. Thank you St. Anthony for all you did for my son in his education.


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