New Arrivals


(Pictured above: Nicholas Rene attempts to block a shot)

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One of the great things about a Showcase Tournament is the talent on display. There was plenty of it on hand at AlamoCityHoopsfest, and we touch on a few players who may not necessarily be sleepers to those who are familiar to the AAU circuit, but their arrival to the rest may have gone unknown.

Noah Rodriguez 6’1″ PG 2018 (SA Elite/SAC’s)
Very impressive junior to be out of San Antonio Christian School, made tough shots in clutch moments. Looking forward to seeing him play in the future. Vital to the teams success, he became the  go to guy for his teammates when looking for quick immediate buckets. He did not shy away from pressure and consistently drained shots with range. Showed above average passing ability as well, has a knack for finding the open teammate.

Mitchell Turner 6’2″ SG 2018 (Next level Raiders/Antonian Prep)
Just transferred back to the 210 after spending last season in the Houston area. Impressive two guard who knocked down some big shots for the Raiders in helping them to a 3-0 pool play start, averaging 16 pts in the first three games. Shows sneaky athleticism and elevates well on his jump shot. Will use it to attack the hoop in transition.

James Johnson PF 6’7″ 2017 (Texas Triple Threat/Roosevelt)
Served as Triple Threat’s only true big, who banged blow for blow, and showed true grit against much bigger, deeper teams in ATX Lockdown & Texas Future. Johnson has a solid frame, great length and impacts both ends of the floor. He shows a nice touch around the rim down low, and even went outside to nail a trey. He showed great knowledge in positioning himself to be a monster on the glass. Being able to get up, also led to plenty of blocks or shot alterations.

Nicholas Rene SF  6’7″ 2017 (Nike D1Premier210/Pending Transfer)
Extremely athletic wing. Very long, can attack off the dribble, showed good accuracy with his jump shot that had plenty of range beyond the arc, and uses his length well to guard and contest shots. Last played for Quality Education Academy in North Carolina, but will be transferring and landing in San Antonio is a good possibility. Athlos Prep is a possible destination for Rene.

Souleymane Doumbia C 6’11” 2018 (Texas Future210/Athlos Leadership Academy)
Another big who is now a part of the hoops scene in Greater San Antonio. Is still raw offensively, but showed a nice sweeping right sky hook when in close, and keeps the ball high out of reach from smaller defenders. His wing span is incredible and takes up the whole lane. He has started to develop a face up game and will shoot from 8-10 feet out. When around the hoop down low, will rise to finish above the rim. His presence on defense is a tremendous impact, and is quick off of his feet to block shots.



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