Tournament Rules

SUMMER: June 11th-12th, 2016

  • ALL teams, will participate in a 3-game minimum
  • 7th & 8th Grade teams have a $300 entry free

  • 9th through 12th Grade teams have a $400 entry fee

  • Saturday will consist of “Pool” play, at least 2 games per team. Sunday will be the “Championship” round, single elimination, with only the winning team advancing in their division
    –16 minute half’s for all divisions, 13u-17u
    –5 minutes for warm ups in between games
    — 3 minute halftime breaks
    –3 timeouts per game (1 full & 2 thirty’s)
    –Running Clock will be enforced when the lead is greater than or equal to 25 pts, EXCEPT on free throws
    –Running Clock will be enforced under one minute to go in both half’s
    –Player Disqualification is 5 fouls
    –Standard team foul counts will apply. 7 team fouls will equal a 1 and 1 FT attempt. 10 team fouls will equal the bonus, 2 FT attempts.

    –If necessary, overtime sessions will consist of 2 minutes

  • Tournament is open to ONLY BOYS, and the following age levels: 7th grade up through 12th. Or commonly referred as 13U up to 17U
  • Unsigned seniors, from the class of 2016 or student athletes who are enrolled in a prep school, are allowed to participate in the tournament
  • Payment deadline is June 4th. Failure to do so can result in your teams spot being unreserved and lost to any other programs who are waiting as standby
  • If cancelling or withdrawing, notification MUST be no later than May 9th, 2016, for a full refund
  • General admission entrance fee is $8.00 a day per person and will be assigned a wrist band upon entry
  • Children under 12 and any military personnel with a valid ID (Standard Military ID/Dependents Card/VA ID) is $6.00 a day per person and will be assigned a wrist band upon entry
    (Losing the wrist band in the same day can result in another entrance fee if exiting and attempting to return without it)

One thought on “Tournament Rules

  1. Hello Alamo Hoops fest. My name is Alfio Veasey Director of Operations TJ FORD Basketball. We are excited about coming this weekend. As you know we have National Coverage on our Social Media Sites with a Blue Check Certified Community. I will need media passes for TJ Ford Media. Thanks you in advance and I will see you this Weekend. #TogetherWeCan


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